“Design is everything. Everything!”
—Paul Rand

John has also worked for companies such as:

TekSupport • TCE Presents • BalistreriGroup • Webster Hall • Urbanworld Films • MoviePass • Area Event

For the entirety of the last couple of years, John has the opportunity to teach design to students within the area of which he was raised. In his eyes, teaching has been a wonderful challenge in which he continues to thrive.

Prior to teaching at the Delaware County Technical High School, John worked full time for many years with major corporations as well as superior entertainment  companies  like, Bloomberg LP, Indika Entertainment and Ideawork Studios.

Currently, He is freelancing for a select few clients and would gladly take on a few more “partnerships” if the connection and direction has the same flow.

This website is a work in progress, View more of John’s work on the instagram link below.

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